How and Who We Serve

We serve over 12,000 low income neighbors, making up around 3,500 families, by running two programs:

1. Holiday Shop: We run a Holiday Shop for 9 to 10 consecutive days during the month of December. At the Holiday Shop pre-qualified clients shop by appointment. To be pre-qualified a client must have a family income below 150% of the federal poverty level, reside in Johnson County, Kansas, have a child 18 years old or younger residing in the household and have submitted a completed application. There are 10 different departments at the Holiday Shop. The Holiday Shop is similar to a much smaller version of a Walmart store. Each client is assisted by a volunteer. Each client can pick out: groceries (enough to feed the family for 3 days according to Harvester's guidelines); personal care items (items such as soap, shampoo, diapers, toilet paper, hygiene products, toothbrushes and much more); holiday gifts (often it is the only holiday gift a child receives); books; children's clothing; hats, gloves and scarves; a gift for themselves; and winter coats (for many children it will be their only winter coat). Each department is run by volunteers and staffed by volunteers. Over 3,00 volunteers are involved in running the Holiday Shop. Many clients tell us that their child would not have had a winter coat or a holiday gift without the Holiday Shop.

2. Nursing Home Distribution: Nursing homes can pick up packages to distribute to their residents. Packages can include various different items such as pajamas, slipper socks, twin bedding, lap quilts, tool belts and walker bags. The nursing homes then distribute the packages to their residents.